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About Us

Since 1995, Shelf Express, Inc., has been owned and operated by President and CEO Nancy Seiller.


Shelf Express provides a comprehensive approach to space evaluation, layout, product solutions, and installations.


We always start with standard products but if the customer's application is not solved with "off the shelf" products, we can develop a solution that fulfills their needs.


Shelf Express, Inc. works with offices, schools, manufacturers, airports, and other businesses as well.


What sets Shelf Express apart from others is the high level of customer service, the three decades of experience, a creative approach and a determination to fulfill the customer's application.


Examples of some projects we have participated include:  Customized mobile pallet jacks, custom ESD shelving, 11' stainless steel articulating gate, a cart to move a 2000 lb. die, displays for artwork and signage, and an explosion-proof varnish mixer. 


Let us know about your next challenge and we'll show you how we can help.

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